Tutoring Subjects

Mathematics Tutoring

Math can be intimidating to many people. The mere mention of the subject can cause stress levels to increase. Calculating and rearranging numbers and letters can be confusing and frustrating. Sometimes it can even feel like you are speaking a foreign language. Fortunately, our tutors are here to help. Not only can they help with concepts, they can help you build the confidence you need to succeed!

Science Tutoring

We are all born naturally curious, but for some reason, science class can create anxiety. Just like math class, it can feel like learning and speaking a foreign language. At Bluegrass Academic Tutoring, we have tutors who can help decode the language of science, reduce learner stress, and make science more applicable & accessible.

English Tutoring

Without the ability to effectively communicate, knowledge is wasted. Proper spelling and grammar skills are necessary for success in everyday life. However, even for native speakers, learning all of the rules can be tough. Let our tutors help you improve your writing and communication skills.